PANO –The First Class Labour Order was awarded to the Vietnam Friendship Village by the State President on its 15th anniversary.

Present at the ceremony were representatives from the Veterans’ Association of Vietnam, organizations at home and abroad, together with all staff members, veterans and children of the village.

In an address at the ceremony, the village’s director Mr. Dang Van Dung, on behalf of all staff members and those who have been nourished at the village, expressed his deep gratitude to the Party, the State, the Central Standing Committee of the Veterans’ Association of Vietnam, authorities and organizations for their great concern and assistance during the last 15 years. He said that along with current achievements, all the staff were determined to turn the village into a model establishment of charitable and social activities; a destination for friends at home and abroad; a symbol of solidarity, peace, cooperation and conciliation.

The Vietnam Friendship Village was founded on March 18th 1998, based on the idea and aspiration of an American veteran (George Mizo), who had taken part in the Vietnam War. By now, the village has received and provided care for over 3,500 Agent Orange/dioxin victims including veterans, young volunteers and children exposed to Agent Orange, becoming a home for the unfortunate. 

The village also provides vocational training courses, teaching skills such as embroidery, industrial sewing and silk fabric flower making for AO/dioxin child victims to help them be confident to integrate into society and lead a normal life. The Vietnam Friendship Village’s considerable achievements have won it trust from various humanitarian and social organizations.

Translated by An Khue