Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has asked the Global Fund to continue assisting Vietnam in researching methadone detoxification methods as well as dealing with difficulties in rehabilitation and preventing the spread of HIV.

Meeting the Head of the Global Fund’s High Impact Asia Urban Weber in Hanoi on March 26, the Deputy PM suggested technical support and new approach methods for implementing a national strategy to fight tuberculosis in Vietnam as well as technical and financial support towards eliminating dengue fever.

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The Deputy PM also thanked the fund for assisting Vietnam in conducting projects on preventing and controlling HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and dengue fever thus far, improving public health in Vietnam.

The fund has provided over 250 million USD to Vietnam and committed to offering an additional 173 million USD to fight these diseases between 2014 and 2017, he noted.

For his part, Weber pledged that the Global Fund will continue giving Vietnam financial, professional and technical support in preventing and combating HIV/AIDS.

As a non-profit organisation sponsored by a number of countries, non-governmental organisations and individuals, the Global Fund has provided more than 10 billion USD towards preventing and fighting HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and dengue as well as improving healthcare systems in 140 countries around the world, according to Weber.

Source: VNA