Photo: TPO
The Washington DC-based Vietnam Education Fund (VEF) has awarded US universities scholarships to 267 Vietnamese students over the past 6 years.

VEF fellows have been made their nation proud with their excellent academic records, VEF Executive Manager Vo Van Toi said at a two-day annual conference in Washington DC on January 4.

22 percent of VEF scholarship students have recorded A marks and 70 percent B marks.

Many VEF beneficiaries have returned to Vietnam for work upon graduation to contribute their knowledge to national development, Toi said.

Ambassador Le Cong Phung said he highly values VEF educational programmes as an important source of human resource development for the nation, which is now in a dire need of intellectuals and experts.

“Young scientists are always welcomed to the homeland to contribute their knowledge to the national development,” said Phung.

VEF fellows present at the event gave a standing ovation when Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Dinh Tien announced the Vietnamese Government’s decision to set up a Scientific Investment Fund.

The fund will create more opportunities for domestic scientific circles to develop their talents.

Source: VNA