During the meeting, N.A. Chairman Hue briefed participants on the recent socio-economic situation as the COVID-19 pandemic has gradually been put under control, saying that most industries and fields tend to recover and grow again.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining macroeconomic stability in the long term, stating that more efforts are needed to achieve the set targets for the whole year.

N.A. Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue meets with voters in Hai Phong.

Voters at the event spoke highly of the recent sessions of the 15th N.A., expressing their support and confidence in the Party and State's anti-corruption effort.

The legislative body issued the anti-corruption law and many legal documents, creating a solid legal foundation for the fight against corruption, contributing to strengthening the people's trust, they said.

Taking note of the opinions of voters, the N.A. Chairman said that a project to continue improving the quality of the N.A.’s sessions needs more time to prepare, and the central role of N.A. deputies should be upheld in this scheme.

He agreed with the opinion of voter Pham Tien Du from Tran Nguyen Han ward that the N.A. needs to continue to reform itself and improve the quality of legal documents, and better solve the problem of issuance delay of guiding documents.

The top legislator also shared some solutions in improving the quality of the legal system in order to continue to promote the country's rapid and sustainable development and facilitate international integration.

He added that the issuance of guiding documents has made great progress, with delay reduced greatly.

According to the N.A. Chairman, the draft Law on Land (revised), one of the important laws, is expected to be submitted and reviewed through three sessions of the N.A., so that it can be enacted by early 2024, he said.

During the meeting, the N.A. Chairman also informed voters on issues related to disbursement of public investment capital, reconciliation in the court sector, planning, the importance of preventive and grassroots health care, and national digital transformation.

Source: VNA