Speaking at the event, Deputy Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Duong Xuan Huyen recalled that 80 years ago, the Bac Son Uprising, the first armed uprising under the leadership of the Party, broke out, starting the armed struggle for power throughout the nation. The event taught valuable lessons on conducting armed revolution and building government and revolutionary armed forces.  

Deputy Chairman of the Lang Son provincial People’s Committee Duong Xuan Huyen speaks at the event

Promoting the revolutionary spirit of the Bac Son Uprising, Party Organization, troops, and people of Lang Son province have overcome all challenges and achieved remarkable feats-of-arm in national salvation in the past and socio-economic achievements in the current national protection and defense cause. Particularly, the province achieved an average annual Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) growth rate of 7.8% in the 2016-2020 period. Its estimated GRDP per capita in 2020 is VND 48.5 million, a 60% higher than 2015.  The province has created positive changes in its forestry-agricultural sector and new-styled rural area building program. In addition, its defense and security posture has been consolidated.

At the seminar, delegates delivered various reports on the historical context, development, significance of the Bac Son Uprising as well as lessons drawn from the event. Under the direct leadership of the Party Cell, Vietnamese people took full advantage of tensions between enemies to launch the uprising and protect the revolutionary government. Speakers also affirmed that the armed uprising for power of people in Bac Son was a clear demonstration of the important role of the masses in the revolution.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Nhat, former Rector of the Vietnam Institute for Military History, evaluated that the Bac Son Uprising started a new revolutionary period that combined political and armed struggles for power as well as affirmed the sound guidelines of the Party Central Committee, creativity of Party organizations at all levels, and the indomitability spirit of local people.

Concluding the seminar, the province’s Deputy Chairman Duong Xuan Huyen highlighted informative reports at the event, which clarified the importance of the Bac Son Uprising to the Vietnamese people’s revolution for national independence and to the current national protection and defense cause as well as current generation’s responsibility for preserving and promoting the values of the event.  

Earlier on September 12, leaders of Lang Son Province and the Vietnam Institute of Military History visited and presented gifts to the relatives of Duong Cong Chien, a revolutionary veteran in Tan Son hamlet, Bac Quynh commune of Bac Son district and offered incense at the district’s temple dedicated to fallen soldiers and the Bac Son Guerrilla Statue.

Translated by Tran Hoai