The issue has caused public concern and drawn the attention of many NA deputies, Lam said.

As many as 436 cases and 766 people relating to loan sharks known as ‘black credit’ and illegal debt collection were prosecuted in the first six months of this year, he said, adding that the police force also adopted measures to bust 1,400 loan shark gangs across the country.

Minister of Public Security To Lam speaks at the event.

Although ‘black credit’ had been reduced, Lam admitted that gangs operate in a sophisticated manner, causing anxiety for local residents.

‘Black credit’ is advertised online, making it difficult to control, he said.

He added the fact that people still sought loan sharks and the legal regulations were unclear made it difficult for the police to deal with this kind of crime.

The Ministry of Public Security will continue campaigns to suppress criminal activities, particularly rings involved in 'black credit' and illegal debt collection, he said, adding it will coordinate with relevant agencies in removing legal obstacles to enhance its effectiveness.

“Any individual or organization related to loan shark gangs will be strictly dealt with,” Minister Lam said.

Source: VNA