President Vo Van Thuong meets with voters in Da Nang city.

Many constituents at the meeting spoke highly of the results of the fifth session and put forth petitions regarding various issues of public concern to the N.A., Government and relevant agencies.

President Vo Van Thuong assured them that the Party and State consistently lead and direct the fight against corruption and negative phenomena with a high political determination at both central and local levels, without any forbidden zones or exceptions.

The fight has indeed been carried out in the right direction, and in fact, it has become even more drastic in a more synchronous manner from the central level to cities and provinces, he said.

Loopholes in mechanisms have also been reviewed and plugged so that degraded officials and public servants do not have opportunities to take unfair advantage of legal loopholes for personal gains or for their interest groups.

Strict actions have also been taken against officials who have a backward mindset, avoid responsibilities, and seek safety by doing nothing, he said, adding that it is also part of the Party building and rectification work which needs to continue in the coming time.

About proposals to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the electricity sector, the State leader said this issue will be seriously addressed in the near future.

Regarding the lack of medicines and medical equipment, he said it will be promptly fixed to ensure proper health care for the people.

Earlier the same day, on the occasion of the Vietnamese Family Day (June 28), the President visited the family of People’s Teacher Nguyen Trong Hoang, 99, in Binh Thuan ward, Da Nang city.

Source: VNA