He said the draft has a broad vision and new contents meeting the requirements of development in the new situation, adding that the editorial team should continue to work on harmonizing it with other draft documents.

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc addresses the event.

The PM also required the team to further clarify the driving forces of the economy such as hi-tech agriculture, manufacturing-processing, tourism, information technology, urban development and regional linkages in the draft documents.

He reminded that due attention should be paid to social issues, the environment, national defense-security, and the people as the center and subject of development.

PM Phuc said the sub-committee had completed the draft documents on directions for socio-economic development in 2021-2025 and the draft socio-economic strategy for 2021-2030 on time for the working program of the Politburo and the Party Central Committee.

At the event

Drafts of the fundamentals of reports and documents were approved by the Party Central Committee at its 10th session in May. The sub-committee should complete the draft reports and documents to submit them to the Politburo for feedback before September 9, and then to the 11th plenum of the Party Central Committee in October. Following revision, the final drafts will be presented for debate at Party congresses at all levels in 2020.

The PM asked the sub-committee to continue organizing workshops and working sessions with ministries, sectors and localities to gather opinions.

Source: VNA