NA Permanent Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Man congratulates VOV on the day. Photo: VOV

At the two central press agencies, Man lauded the role of the press in reporting people’s opinions to the Party and State, and popularising policies and laws of the Party and State to people.

Over the years, VOV and VTV have strongly reformed themselves for higher operational efficiency, he noted, highlighting contributions of the agencies to the success of major events of the countries, including the 13th National Party Congress, the general elections, as well as in disseminating information about COVID-19 prevention and control activities.

Particularly, VOV, VTV and other media agencies have actively spread the voice of the people to the legislature, said Man.

He expressed his hope that in the future, VOV and VTV will continue reforming themselves to further improve the effectiveness of their operations, enhancing the capacity of reporters, editors and technicians, completing their tasks as the leading central media agencies in the Vietnamese revolutionary press system.

Source: VNA