In his closing remarks, Permanent N.A. Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Man said that during the session, members of the committee gave opinions on contents that will be discussed at the upcoming 7th session of the 15th N.A., scheduled to start on May 20 as well as decided on several issues.

Permanent N.A. Vice Chairman Tran Thanh Man speaks at the end of the 33rd session of the N.A. Standing Committee.

He asked the N.A. Secretary General and agencies to urgently complete the conclusions of the N.A. Standing Committee to facilitate agencies’ implementation.

He informed that the upcoming N.A. meeting will look into 39 issues, including 24 related to legislative work, 15 on socio-economic development, the State budget, and others such as the National Marine Spatial Planning, the National Target Program on Cultural Development, and the North-South Expressway construction investment project.

As the meeting is nearing, the N.A. agencies were asked to coordinate with relevant units to promptly finalize reports and proposals.

The N.A. Office was required to complete preparations for the session to ensure that it will take place safely and effectively.

The 7th session of the 15th National Assembly will feature two phases, with the first running from May 20 to June 8 and the second from June 17-27.

Source: VNA