An overview of the N.A. fourth session

The draft laws and resolutions to be adopted include the Law on Anti-Money Laundering (revised); the resolution on the regulations of N.A. sessions (revised); the resolution on pilot application of special mechanisms and policies for the development of Buon Ma Thuot city of Dak Lak province; the resolution on auctions of automobile number plates; the resolution on stepping up the implementation of policies and laws on thrift practice and wastefulness prevention; the resolution on the question-and-answer activities of the 15th N.A.’s fourth session; and the resolution of the 15th N.A.’s fourth session.

On the day, the legislators will also discuss the draft Bidding Law (revised).

The amendments and supplements to a number of regulations stated in the Bidding Law is an urgent requirement for the building of a full, synchronous and coherent legal framework on the bidding and procurement activities using State capital, promptly removing difficulties and obstacles in the process of implementing the law, and dealing with the situation of formal bidding, thus improving the competitiveness, publicity, transparency and economic efficiency in bidding activities.

The bill comprises 10 chapters and 98 articles. Compared to the 2013 version, 75 articles are amended, 21 new articles are added, two kept unchanged and 12 others erased.

The closing session will be televised and broadcast live.

Source: VNA