Gen. Luong Cuong addresses the meeting.

Speaking at the event, General Luong Cuong briefed voters on the impacts of the regional and international situational developments on political, economic, social, defense, security, and diplomatic activities of countries, including Vietnam. He said that the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic is an important basis for Vietnam to step up economic reopening and bring life back to a new normal state. He said that stable macroeconomics and controlled inflation have facilitated economic growth.

In addition, activities to take care of policy beneficiaries, the poor and workers have been actively and effectively implemented, while defense and security have been consolidated. External relations and international integration activities have been accelerated. Emerging issues have been handled in a flexible, timely and effective manner. The Party building and rectification and the fight against corruption and negative acts have been drastically implemented, contributing to enhancing people's trust in the Party, State and military.

Participants at the meeting

Talking about Hau Loc district, General Luong Cuong said that in spite of facing difficulties, under the timely, drastic, flexible and creative direction of the district’s leadership and the consensus of local people, the district’s socio-economic situation remains stable and continues to develop. Together with good economic growth, the district has also obtained significant achievements in social welfare, education, sports, defense and security, administrative reform, and settlement of complaints and denunciations. Up to now, many communes in the district have met the criteria for new-style rural areas, of which two communes have completed the criteria for model rural areas.

At the meeting, local voters highly appreciated the responsible, timely and thorough responses of ministries, agencies and the Central to social issues of public concern. They also applauded the resolute and timely direction of the Party, State, and Government in the fight against corruption in particular and negative acts in general, saying that these were good signal and an important premise for the country to achieve next goals.

Voters enthusiastically contributed opinions about fishing-related policies, socio-cultural issues, policies for national contributors, and environmental protection. They proposed speeding up the progress of investment in repairing and upgrading Ba Trieu Temple historical-architectural relic site in Hau Loc district.

At the meeting

On behalf of N.A. deputies, General Luong Cuong welcomed and appreciated voters’ opinions and proposals. Cuong also informed voters of the activities of the delegation of N.A. deputies of Thanh Hoa province at working sessions of the 15th N.A. He affirmed that with the highest sense of responsibility, N.A. deputies of Thanh Hoa province have well performed their role.

The GDP’s chief said that the meeting’s secretariat will summarize voters’ opinions, discussed issues and unanswered questions and submit them to the N.A. and competent agencies for thorough consideration and response in the soonest time.

Later the same day, N.A. deputies of Thanh Hoa province had a meeting with voters in Nga Son district.

Translated by Tran Hoai