The information was revealed on January 8 by Bui Van Cuong, N.A. General Secretary and Chairman of the N.A. Office, at the N.A. Standing Committee’s ongoing 29th session.

The National Assembly Standing Committee's 29th session

Cuong said that at the fifth extraordinary session, the legislature will also consider adopting a draft resolution on a number of specific mechanisms and policies to remove difficulties and obstacles in, and accelerate the implementation of the national target programs, and discuss and decide on several urgent financial and state budget issues.

This session is scheduled to open on January 15 and wrap up on January 18. Deputies will have a day off on January 17, so agencies can acquire ideas contributed by legislators to perfect the draft laws and resolution to submit to the legislature for approval at the closing session, the official stated.

The outcomes of the extraordinary session will be publicised, he added.

With 12 million comments from voters and being discussed at three NA sessions, the draft amended Land Law still has a number of issues that need to be considered thoroughly. Meanwhile, despite being scrutinised in two plenums, the draft amended Law on Credit Institutions contains some issues with different ideas. Therefore, at its sixth plenary session held in late 2023, the legislature decided not to pass these two draft laws, because the difficult laws are involved in many fields and have great impacts on the economy and people's lives. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a special and unprecedented process to thoroughly consider all aspects.

Source: VNA