Thousands of children in Hanoi have been hospitalised as a result of unseasonable weather.

The Hanoi-based National Paediatrics Hospital saw more than 2,000 children daily last week, nearly double the usual number.

Most of the children had respiratory problems such as pneumonia or bronchitis. Many also had diarrhoea and skin-related diseases, said doctor Pham Van Thang, deputy head of the hospital's Emergency Ward.

The hospital's respiratory and contagious diseases departments had two to three children sharing one bed, he said.

Children departments at other hospitals in the city were similarly inundated. The St Paul and Bach Mai hospitals saw between 500-600 children each day.

Tran Nhu Duong, deputy director of the Central Epidemic Prevention Institute, said high humidity in Hanoi together with unusual climate changes created favourable conditions for viruses.

Source: VNA