The majority of the voters said they hope the Party and State will continue applying drastic measures against corruption and strictly handle violators.

They raised their concern about the current drug trafficking and abuse which harm social order in the locality. They asked the NA, Government and the province to seek stronger solutions to deal with the trading of fake and poor quality fertilizers, along with problems in food safety and domestic violence.

Acting President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh (second, right) meets voters in Tam Binh district of Vinh Long

The voters also proposed that the Government pay more attention to adjustments in wage and allowance for communal officials as well as retired and elderly people.

At the meeting, Acting President Thinh told the voters that so far, the country has completed all 12 socio-economic targets, with four exceeding the goals.

Particularly, Vietnam’s economic growth is likely to reach 6.98 percent, while 39 percent of total communes and 55 districts of 28 provinces have finished all criteria for new-style rural areas.

Noting that in the past nine months, drug-related crimes rose 11 percent in both the number of case and criminals, she pledged that the problem will continue to be settled drastically, aiming to reduce supply, demand and criminals.

Source: VNA