Accordingly, the Party issued resolutions on protecting the Fatherland as guidance toward the drafting of the national defense strategy, military strategy, national security strategy, national border protection strategy and strategy on protecting the Fatherland in cyberspace.

The special content of the draft Political Report to be presented at the upcoming 13th National Party Congress is the highlight of the missions of consolidating national defense and security, and firmly protecting the socialist Fatherland of Vietnam. The Political Report draft underlines the need to further implement the Fatherland protection strategy, national defense strategy, national border protection strategy, strategy on protecting the Fatherland in cyberspace, national cybersecurity strategy and other defense and security strategies in a comprehensive and effective manner.

Photo for illustration: VGP

The inclusion of the above issues in the Political Report draft shows that the Party has creatively  embraced Vietnam’s revolutionary road in crafting strategic approaches to the current revolutionary period. It also demonstrates the Party’s smartness in defining objectives for the current revolutionary period and choosing feasible solutions to deal with the current situation, and its ability to mobilize forces and wield the comprehensive strength of the Vietnamese people to prevent risks of war and protect the Fatherland from afar and from distance while defeating all conspiracies and acts by hostile forces. Additionally, the contents on national defense and security in the Political Report draft contribute to preventing manifestations of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” among cadres and Party members, as well as to creating a stable peaceful environment for national industrialization, modernization and socio-economic development. 

The Party’s issuance and deployment of the military, defense and security strategies to firmly protect the Fatherland have reflected its innovative strategic thoughts on protecting the Fatherland in the new situation and its comprehensive viewpoints on national security and defense on land, at sea and in cyberspace. Meanwhile, these strategies serve as principles and guidelines on national defense on one hand; and hint at forces and approaches as well as conditions to firmly protect the Fatherland on the other hand.

In order to comprehensively and synchronously implement the Fatherland Protection Strategy, National Defense Strategy, National Security Strategy, National Border Protection Strategy, Strategy to Protect the Fatherland on Cyberspace, National Cyber Security Strategy and other defense and security strategies, which are articulated in the Political Report draft for the 13th National Party Congress, it is necessary to complete the following tasks:

Disseminate the main contents of the above strategies within the Party, army and to all people with a focus on Party members, cadres, army officers, intellectuals, workers and students. Each group should be equipped with appropriate knowledge of the strategies in a suitable manner.

Draw up specific plans and determine suitable contents of the strategies for specific groups or sectors to implement. For instance, the military must play the core role in implementing military and defense strategies.

On the basis of the plans, all Central agencies, organizations, branches, sectors and localities should seriously implement the strategies under the leadership of their Party committees and authorities from the Central level to local. Further, Party committees and authorities at all levels should also focus on building up forces and assets sufficient for their agencies, organizations, branches, sectors and localities to successfully fulfill the assigned contents of the strategies.  

Agencies, organizations, branches, sectors and localities, based on their tasks, draw up assumed scenarios to practice and regularly draw lessons from practical activities to regulate the contents of the strategies and improve the quality and efficiency of their implementation.

Translated by Thu Nguyen