After the August Revolution in 1945, the CPV became the ruling party, the elite of the working class, representing the interests of the working class and the whole people. The CPV has the sole purpose of safeguarding the nation’s independence and freedom, liberating the people from oppression and exploitation, and building a prosperous country. On June 7, 1960, President Ho Chi Minh affirmed, “Our Party is a revolutionary party. Our party does not have any interests other than those of the workers and peasants.”

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His thought enlightened the CPV and led every party member to act in accordance with the party’s guidelines, making the CPV truly “ethical and civilized.” The CPV takes Marxism-Leninism as the political platform and the people as the foundation for its actions. President Ho Chi Minh’s words, “Our party does not have any interests other than those of the workers and peasants” have become one of the basic contents of the Party ethics building work.

The CPV has always striven for the people and done everything for the freedom and happiness of the people. It is well aware that if it deviates from the people, it will surely begin to weaken and lose the people’s trust. Therefore, the whole Party and each party member must act in a way that makes people trust, love, and support the party. All party members must act to deserve to be the leaders and loyal servants of the people.

To take good care of the people, the CPV must be strong. To do that, each party member must have a firm position of the proletariat, an awareness of social classes and a revolutionary theory as guidance. Party members must “resist their material greed,” prevent red-tape, wastefulness, and corruption. Those who have bad deeds will surely cause damages to the Party’s prestige in the eyes of the people. President Ho Chi Minh clearly pointed out: Leaders must do more to deserve the trust of the Party and of the nation.

President Ho Chi Minh’s thought on Party ethics building is a guideline for the CPV to revamp itself, capable of leading the Vietnamese revolution and deserving to be the sole ruling Party of the nation.

In the context that part of the officials and party members, especially those at high positions, have gone corrupt, the hostile forces have aggressively carried out the “peaceful evolution” plot in order to instigate “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” within the party.

In face of that situation, the CPV has to strengthen the close relationship between the party and the people, mobilize the people from all walks of life to strictly implement the CPV’s guidelines and policies and the State’s policies and laws. Each official and party member must stay close to the people and exercise more responsibility, promoting the people’s role in the cause of national construction and defense.

The Government has always been determined to promote social progress and justice and ensure that human rights, property rights and freedom of the people are respected, strengthening the national great unity bloc while taking good care of the people’s material and spiritual lives. Thanks to the Party’s and State’s policies on hunger eradication and poverty alleviation, the people’s material and spiritual lives have been constantly improved. More achievements have been recorded in terms of social security and social justice. Such achievements are highly appreciated by the United Nations and international community.

Studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle, each official and party member must be an example and take the lead in implementing the CPV’s resolutions and directives, striving to overcome all difficulties and challenges in implementing their tasks. They are to uphold the spirit of self-reliance, self-resilience, pro-activeness, and creativeness, wholeheartedly serving the people and the revolution. This is an important content in the building of Party ethics.

Translated by Huu Duong