On behalf of the Ustecky region council, Jan Kubicek, director of Ustecky’s integration office, presented a certificate from the regional court recognizing the Buddhist cultural center of Most Pagoda as a provincial-level center at a ceremony in the city on August 11.

At the ceremony

The event affirmed the Buddhist culture of the Vietnamese community in the country is growing in popularity and is increasingly valued by the local administration.

Speaking at the ceremony, head of the pagoda Venerable Thich Thong Dat stressed the significance of the recognition, saying it was the honor for Buddhists in the Czech Republic and demonstrates the interest of the regional authorities in the religious activities of Vietnamese in the country.

The center will also contribute to preserving the traditional culture identities of Vietnam and the Vietnamese language, he added.

Kubicek said the Vietnamese community does a lot to preserve and introduce Vietnam’s cultural identity.

The official said he hopes the center will strengthen solidarity in the community and help Vietnamese youths and Czech people understand more about Vietnam’s traditional culture.

Source: VNA