Addressing the event, Lao Minister of Home Affairs Thongchan Manixay highlighted that the management board of Phat Tich pagoda and Vietnamese Buddhist followers in Laos have made practical contributions and timely support worth up to billions of kip for Lao people living in difficulties nationwide.

At the event

He sincerely thanked Vietnamese monks, nuns and Buddhist followers in the pagoda, as well as the Vietnamese community and businesses in Laos for their assistance for Lao people, especially those in disadvantaged, flood-hit areas, zones affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, local pagodas and centers for caring needy and disabled people.

For his part, Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos Nguyen Ba Hung called on the Vietnamese community in Laos to make more contributions and support Lao residents who are still facing difficulties in their life, thus contributing to nurturing and promoting the special relationship between the two countries.

On the occasion, a program to raise funds for the restoration of Phat Tich pagoda in Vientiane was launched.

Hung said he supports an idea to restore the pagoda, while calling for contributions of Vietnamese people working and living in Laos, and those in the homeland to the work.

After the launch, 250,000 USD was raised from Buddhist followers, Vietnamese individuals and businesses operating in Laos.

Phat Tich pagoda has made important contributions to developing Vietnamese Buddhism in Laos, promoting the close relationship between the Buddhism of the two countries, and supporting Vietnamese and Lao disadvantaged people.

Source: VNA