Taking place on June 1 at the Dukla stadium in Prague, the event drew the participation of 42 teams, a record compared with 24 at last year’s edition.

The FC Sapa Praha team of overseas Vietnamese in the Czech Republic has become the runners-up after losing 1-2 to a team of the Ukrainian community in the final match.

The tournament adopted a 7-a-side format, with the top two teams from each group advanced to the quarterfinals. The semifinals and final match were held on the same day.

With the enthusiastic support of home fans, the FC Sapa Praha team topped the group, surpassing other candidates to enter the final. In the final match, despite taking the lead, FC Sapa Praha still lose 1-2 to a team of the Ukrainian community, thereby failing to defend the championship title.

However, FC Sapa Praha has been viewed as one of the teams with the best results in the tournament as it won the championship title four times, along with two silvers and one bronze.

Source: VNA