About 80 Vietnamese students are studying at the AICAT and all of them are safe now.

The delegation of the Vietnamese Embassy in Israel meets with representatives of the Arava International Center for Agriculture Training.

Trung said that the visit aims to get detailed information about the safety of the Vietnamese students and encourages them to keep in touch with Vietnamese authorities and their families as well as follow the center’s requirements for studying schemes and recommendations from authorities in the host country.

The ambassador called on the students to support each other to overcome difficulties and complete their training courses.

The ambassador also discussed with the center’s representatives about measures to support and ensure safety for students and attract more Vietnamese students to the center in the coming time.

AICAT Executive Director Hanni Arnon said that the students are part of the community there and they are protected like other members of the community.

The center instructs the students to respond to warning signals and recommends they not leave Arave at this time as the place is safe now.

Over the past time, the embassy has kept contact with Vietnamese students through social networks, organizing online meetings to update the situation and guide them how to stay safe.

About 500 Vietnamese expatriates and nearly 200 students, along with a number of temporary workers, are now in Israel. All are safe as they live far from conflict zones.

Source: VNA