According to the embassy, there were 18 people on the bus at that time, including 15 Vietnamese tourists and three Egyptians. Besides the three Vietnamese victims, one Egyptian guide was also killed.

Right after the incident occurred, Egypt’s authorised officials brought the victims to El-Haram hospital in Giza province.

Vietnamese Ambassador Tran Thanh Cong visited the wounded victims at the hospital, and worked with local officials, including Tourism Minister Rania Al-Mashat and Health Minister Hala Zayed, to seek solutions to the case.

Scene of bomb attack in Egypt

He asked the Egyptian side to create favorable conditions to repatriate the Vietnamese victims and tourists as soon as possible, and soon arrange meetings with local authorized agencies to carry out citizen protection to ensure the legitimate interests of Vietnamese citizens.

He shared that the Egyptian side had promised to facilitate the repatriation of Vietnamese visitors who are not injured, and create all favorable conditions in terms of necessary procedures for the deceased.

Egypt’s interior ministry said the bus was hit by an explosion from an improvised device hidden near a wall on Mariyutiya street in Al-Haram district.

Egyptian Prosecutor-General Nabil Sadek then requested an immediate investigation into the deadly bomb attack.

Source: VNA