Present at the event were Major General Hoang Van Luong, Deputy Director of the Military Medical Academy, Major General Tran Viet Tien, Director of Military Hospital 103, representatives of relevant agencies, foreign scientists, war veterans and AO/Dioxin victims at the village.

At the event

The visit aimed to pay gratitude to war veterans, and relieve the AO/Dioxin victims there. The delegation handed over gifts, worth VND 20 million in total, to the victims being taken care at the village. The delegates inquired after and encouraged them to overcome hardships and have better lives. They also called on domestic international organizations and individuals to join hands in supporting AO/Dioxin victims.

During the visit, delegates learnt more about the victims’ living and health conditions to further their researches, contributing to reducing the effects of Agent Orange/Dioxin on the environment and people in the coming time.

Translated by Song Anh