Gia Lai holds an important strategic position in the Central Highlands. In the resistance war for national salvation, the provincial armed forces and people, under the sound leadership of the Party, promoted solidarity and patriotism, with their loyalty to the Party and Uncle Ho, and made large contributions to the complete liberation of the South and national reunification. Gia Lai was well known for the victories in the battles in Plei Me, Cheo Reo and Phu Bon.

The leadership of the Department of Policies presenting gifts to Gia Lai provincial revolutionary contributors

Over the past years, the province has well carried out policies for revolution contributors

In his speech at the meeting, Senior Colonel Nguyen Xuan Yem, Deputy Director of the Department of Policies under the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People’s Army expressed deep gratitude to the province’s Party Committee, authorities, armed forces and people for their wholehearted support to troops of the Vietnam People’s Army in both wartime and peacetime.

The officer also briefed the contributors on the military’s task performance over the past time. Accordingly, the military has embraced the Party’s standpoints and guidelines, closely followed situational developments and made military-defense recommendations to the Party and the State while ensuring high quality of training and combat readiness posture.

Moreover, the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense have comprehensively directed all defense agencies and military units to implement gratitude activities, and promote education about the national tradition “When drinking water, remember its source”.

In this year alone, the military presented gifts, totally worth VND 677.5 billion, to policy beneficiaries and revolution contributors as well as has been taking care of 1,922 Vietnamese heroic mothers.

On the occasion, Senior Colonel Nguyen Xuan Yem presented the MND gifts to the guests.

Translated by Mai Huong