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During the one-month-long course, the trainees will be provided with the contents and goals of the new-style rural area building program, hunger elimination and poverty reduction, techniques in planting, caring, and exploiting rubber trees and other industrial crops and fruit trees such as cashew, pepper, coffee, and durian.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Senior Colonel Dang Cong Bau, head of Defense-Economic Unit 778 stated that it organizes the course, the third of its kind this year, for local ethnic minorities for free, and even covers their travelling costs. At the end of the course, qualified trainees will receive certificates and have opportunity to work at companies and farms in the district and the unit as well.

For five years now, the unit has worked closely with the local Party committees and authorities to carry out this vocational training and employment model for poor ethnic people. The model has helped them with professional skills, improve living conditions of thousands of poor households, accelerate the process of building new-style rural areas, promote solidarity between troops and people, build a strong whole people defense posture and a strong border area in terms of economy and defense.

Translated by Duc Nguyen