The Ban May Border Post under the Ha Giang Provincial Border Guard Command has recently teamed up with the commune Party Committee and authorities to present 17 gifts to local Vietnamese heroic mothers and national contributors.

On the occasion, the post’s Youth Union chapter and the local authorities mobilized more than 50 people and contributed nearly 120 working days to upgrade local roads.

Cadres of Company 74 instructing local people how to take care of cashew trees. Photo:

* Company 74 of Army Corps 15 organized socio-cultural activities to boost ties and consolidate solidarity with local people and organizations near its stationed area.

Since this July, the company has closely worked with local Party committees and authorities to organize ten courses of information dissemination for more than 5,000 people, helping them learn more about the Party’s resolutions, how to ensure hygiene in daily life, and look after industrial plants and food crops. It has also hosted 12 artistic exchanges with local youths.

* Meanwhile, Depot 186 of the Department of Oil and Gas, under the General Department of Logistics, and local Party Committees, authorities and organizations near its stationed area have instructed local people on how to grow trees in more than 30 gardens of Vietnamese traditional medicine and make use of available herbs to cure patients with common diseases.

They have also helped local people build models of agriculture production, husbandry, afforestation, forest and environmental protection.

The unit’s troops also assisted local people in repairing local roads and dredging irrigation canals.

Translated by Chung Anh