PANO - Various army units and localities across the country organized a blood donation drive in response to the 2013 Day of the entire People Volunteer to Donate Blood on April 7th.

Accordingly, on April 7th, Military Hospital 103 of the Military Medical Academy collected 300 blood units in a donation drive jointly organized by the hospital and Chuong My District’s Red Cross Society and organizations in Xuan Mai town, Hanoi.

Earlier, the hospital received 700 blood units donated by the Vingroup’s officials and staff of VINMEC International Polyclinic and ROYAL City.

According to Doctor, Colonel Nguyen Khanh Hoi, since early this year, the hospital has collected 3,774 blood units, for emergency aid and treatment.

* A similar drive took place the same day in Ca Mau Province with the participation of 500 local cadres and youths. The province expected to collect at least 6,000 blood units in 2013 to solve blood shortage for treatment at polyclinics.

* Meanwhile, as many as 240 blood units were donated by cadres, youth union members and citizens of Pleiku city, Gia Lai Province on April 7th. Last year, the province organized 35 blood donation drives, collecting over 5,000 blood units.

* The same day, more than 450 students from the Tra Vinh University volunteered to donate blood at Can Tho City Centre of Haematology and Blood Transfusion. Tra Vinh province has 34 “Live Blood Bank” clubs with 1,900 members ready for blood donation at any time.

Translated by Mai Huong