The resolution was put forward by Vanuatu and a “core group” of 18 countries, including Vietnam.

Under the resolution, U.N. member states requested the world court to give opinions on the obligations of states under international law to protect the environment against greenhouse gas emissions, as well as on legal responsibilities of countries which have caused negative impacts of climate change on many other countries.

Ambassador Dang Hoang Giang (center), Vietnam’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations (U.N.), as Vice-President of the U.N. General Assembly, adopts the resolution.

With this resolution, the ICJ will, for the first time, give its legal opinion on climate change - one of the most urgent and widely discussed issues in many regional and international forums today. The fact that the resolution was co-sponsored by 132 out of 193 U.N. member states and passed by consensus shows the strong support of the international community on this issue.

Joining the core group from the very beginning, Vietnam has actively promoted the process of making the draft resolution through nearly 50 meetings of the Group and three rounds of consultations with all U.N. member states.

As one of the countries worst affected by climate change, the active participation in promoting this initiative helps reaffirm Vietnam's international commitments, as well as enhance its role as a responsible member in solving today's global issues.

Ambassador Giang emphasized that although many response measures have been put in place to minimize negative impacts, climate change is evolving very complicatedly. Therefore, countries need to take stronger actions, including clarifying their responsibilities and obligations under international law in general and relevant international treaties in particular.

Source: VNA