He laid stress on the necessity to enhance dialogues, and promote measures to build trust between concerned parties with the support and constructive contributions of the U.N. and international community, stating it will help put forth political progress in the nation.

Ambassador Pham Hai Anh, Chargé d’affaires ad interim of Vietnam at the United Nations Security Council

Touching on the situation in Somalia, the Vietnamese diplomat highlighted that Vietnam has kept close watch on the developments in Somalia, calling the Somalian government and relevant sides to reach consensus on the election time soon while settling challenges in a timely fashion.

He roundly condemned the terrorist attack in Somalia over the weekend, and called on the U.N. and international and regional organizations to provide assistance for the African country to respond to humanitarian challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, floods, and locust swarms.

At the event, members of the UNSC adopted the press release on the situation in Somalia, in which they hailed efforts made by the Somali government and states in carrying out the agreement on election model, while acknowledging progresses in Somalia in the past time.

They expressed their concern over the deadlocked talks in Dhusamareb, and called Somali leaders to continue negotiation and cooperation for benefits of the civilians. Along with voicing condemnation at terrorist actions of the Al-Shabaab force, they reiterated support for Somalia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence.

The same day, in its Presidential Statement, the UNSC welcomed the agreement on establishment of the interim executive authority in Lybia, which was reached in the framework of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum on February 5.

The UNSC urged the executive authority to carry out necessary procedures to set up an interim government and prepare for the planned December 24, 2021 elections.

Besides, it called on all parties to implement the ceasefire agreement reached on October 23, 2020 in full, as well as impose the UNSC’s arms embargo on Libya. The Council further underlined its support for Libyan-led ceasefire political progress, while hailing activities of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya and acknowledged the role of the neighboring countries and regional organizations in promoting peace progress in this nation.

Source: VNA