During the interview, Wiesen said Vietnam was commended for the significant preparations of all the background documents for the 13th National Party Congress, particularly socio-economic development strategy and the socio-economic development plan.

The official noted these critical documents will determine Vietnam’s cause of development for the next five- and ten-year periods.

Resident Representative of the UN Development Program (UNDP) in Vietnam Caitlin Wiesen

Wiesen affirmed the UNDP has been delighted to partner with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and other partners to contribute to the development of the socio-economic strategy and plan, saying it is looking forward to joining the Vietnamese Government in implementing them.

The UNDP official said she thought all eyes are on Vietnam for its success in 2020, adding that what critical for Vietnam will be the quality of growth, including inclusive and sustainable growth.

Talking about the country’s achievements last year, she praised Vietnam’s first time appearance in the list of countries with the high human development index by the UNDP as an extraordinary accomplishment.

Wiesen said it showed the Vietnamese Government’s dedicated commitment to growth and to the people-centered development.

She attributed Vietnam’s fulfillment of its dual goal of pandemic control and economic growth to a strong and clear leadership that anticipated the health impacts, adapted quickly and responded with agility.

According to the official, Vietnam’s overall success was also a result of the country’s mobilization of wide citizen support and of innovation.

Wiesen said the UNDP’s survey serving the Vietnam Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Indexes (PAPI) recorded a high satisfaction rate among citizens on the government’s performance in response to the pandemic.

The UNDP representative concluded that Vietnam can be proud of its achievements last year, which will be the driving force behind its development in 2021.

Source: VNA