PANO - The Party Central Committee’s Commission for External Relations held a meeting on January 28th to brief the diplomatic corps and international organizations in Hanoi on the outcomes of the 12th National Party Congress.

Chairman of the Commission Hoang Binh Quan affirmed that the congress has ended successfully after 9 days working, and informed foreign participants of the event’s main activities.

Delegates at the Congress. Photo:

Accordingly, through democratic discussions, delegates approved key documents and mapped out 6 major missions and targets for the country’s development in the new period.

As for socio-economic development, the congress targeted higher and better quality of economic growth in line with sustainable development and labour productivity, while upholding the role of all economic sectors, including private economic group, science-technology and human resources, and fostering the global economic integration.

In terms of politics, the congress stressed the need to build a strong and transparent Party, boost the fight against corruption and wastefulness, continually uphold democracy in the society and ensure human rights, in combination with bettering the law-governed socialist State in accordance with the Constitution of 2013.

With regard to the external affairs, the congress agreed to continue carrying out the consistent diplomatic policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation and development; multi-lateralization and diversification of relations; proactive and active integration in the world; being a friend, a trustworthy partner and responsible member of the international community.

The Party official also held that the nominations, withdrawals of nomination and election were carried out in a democratic manner of vote casting.

On the occasion, he also thanked parties, international organizations and friends for their letters and messages of congratulations to the congress. They are a source of inspiration and encouragement for the congress and a symbol of the close relations between the Communist Party of Vietnam and political parties, organizations and friends the world over, he concluded.

Translated by Van Hieu