The event attracted the participation of representatives from co-operatives and farmers’ organizations from ten Asian countries, the Party Central Committee's Economic Commission, the Ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development and Planning and Investment, and Central Committee of Vietnam Farmers’ Association.

At the event

During the meeting, delegates shared experiences in dealing with challenges from climate change facing the agricultural sector and farmers in Asian countries, in developing agricultural co-operatives, in applying high-tech to the development of the agriculture sector in general and agricultural co-operatives in particular, in strengthening the “One commune/village, one product” model, in promoting localities’ strengths, and in improving  co-operative members’ living standards.

According to Nguyen Ngoc Bao, head of Vietnam’s Union of Co-operatives, Vietnam’s agriculture now has 13,712 co-operatives and 68,000 groups of co-operatives. Most of them have operated effectively, contributing to economic development, stability of market, rural development, and sustainable poverty reduction. 

Translated by Chung Anh