Below are some comments from foreign competitors on the host’s preparations and organization of the “Sniper Frontier” and “Emergency Area” contests, which are in the final stages. 

Head of the “Sniper Frontier” Contingent of Russia Siniuchenko highly appreciated Vietnam’s preparations for the games as well as its protection of participants’ health amid the complicated developments of COVID-19. He also showed his admiration for Vietnamese snipers’ shooting skills.

Vietnamese athletes share their joy with the audience after completing Stage 2 of the “Emergency Area” event.

The Russian team’s head emphasized that their presence at the event in Vietnam has demonstrated Russia’s willingness and aspiration to work with Vietnam to host a successful Army Games. He expected that Vietnam will host more contests in the coming time.

Meanwhile, Head of Venezuela’s “Sniper Frontier” Contingent Hector Coronado shared his excitement to visit Vietnam for the first time, a strongly-developing country with hospitable people. The Venezuelan officer said that his country usually holds shooting contests at different levels. He hoped that once the “Sniper Frontier” contest is held in Venezuela, Vietnam will send its troops to participate and share experience with their Venezuelan peers.

Coach of Bangladesh’s “Sniper Frontier” Contingent Torikatul was impressed by the organization of the Vietnam People’s Army for the event, from food, accommodation, training ground and competition. He added that he was pleased with the results of his team in the first stage of the contest and the accurate and objective decisions of referees.

Sharing the same view with Bangladeshi team’s coach, Head of Mali’s “Emergency Area” Contingent Mohamed Haidara said that he was happy with the host’s thorough preparations for the event. As Vietnam has strictly applied different COVID-19 prevention and control measures, his team members always feel safe to practice and compete in the contest in Vietnam.

Together with ensuring that participating delegations observe pandemic prevention and control regulations strictly, members of the organizing committee regularly remind them of being careful to ensure absolute safety for personnel, weapons and equipment during training and competition, Mohamed Haidara added.

For Anurasiuk Viktor, a member of Belarus’s “Emergency Area” Contingent, the Army Games 2021 in Vietnam is an opportunity for him to make more friends and gain experience. More especially, this event gives him and his teammates a chance to experience the Vietnamese culture. “I am really impressed with the Vietnamese cuisine. It is amazing,” said Anurasiuk Viktor.

Translated by Tran Hoai