At the handover ceremony

This is a project of technology and knowledge transfer in applying artificial intelligence to the treatment of patients.

Signed from May 22, 2019, the project aims to apply artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning methods, to automatically localizing human body parts via tomography images.

The product has an accuracy rate of 92% for the head and chest, 83% for the abdominal area, while the requirement of Med-Aid Company is 80%. Chairman of Med-Aid Company, John Cong Nguyen said that this is the first project between a Vietnamese university and Med-Aid Company.

The results of the project will greatly contribute to cancer radiation therapy, helping reduce treatment time, and ensuring the quality of treatment for cancer patients.

In recent years, the University of Natural Sciences has improved its curriculum and research programs in accordance with the modern trend and Industry 4.0.

Translated by Lam Anh