Quan took the occasion to thank the Chinese Party and people for their sympathies over the human and property losses caused by natural disasters in Vietnam’s central region.

At the online talks

He congratulated the 19th CPC Central Committee on the successful organisation of its fifth plenary session, which approved the committee’s recommendation on the 14th five-year (2021-2025) socio-economic development plan and future targets for 2035.

The Vietnamese official highly valued the sides’ maintenance of high-level exchanges as well as all-level discussions and cooperation this year amid COVID-19 complicated developments.

He suggested key orientations for exchange and cooperation activities next year and measures to implement the two leaders’ common perceptions and to sustain the healthy growth of the nations’ relations particularly in economy; localities’ collaboration; communications cooperation; joint work to maintain peace, stability, and effectively tackle maritime issues; and close cooperation at multilateral forums.

For his part, Song briefed on key contents of the fifth plenary session.

He said the two nations are close neighbours and their people boast a long-standing friendship, adding that the sides have supported each other since the coronavirus disease broke out.

He affirmed that the CPC is willing to join hands with the CPV in holding strategic exchanges, increasing political trust, learning from each other, and responding to difficulties and challenges, thus propelling the bilateral relations.

The Chinese official said he believes under the CPV’s leadership, Vietnam will reap greater achievements and will successfully organise its 13th National Congress.

He backed the sides’ further coordination in flexibly implementing high-level exchanges suiting the pandemic developments, and building the two Parties’ cooperation plans. The official also welcomed efforts by party organisations in the two nations’ localities to carry out exchange activities.

Source: VNA