On April 16, the delegation met with officials of Russia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education led by Deputy Minister Konstantin Mogilevskyi.

The Vietnamese delegation meets with officials of Russia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the signing of a new agreement in education and training cooperation, expansion of activities of the Puskin Institute of Russian Language (HFIRL) in Vietnam, university alliance between Vietnam and Russia and research collaboration.

The Russian side said it is considering the granting of scholarships for Vietnamese students to study science-technology and information technology in Russia, among others.

Deputy minister Son also informed that Vietnam will grant 75 scholarships for Russian students in 2024.

On the same day, the delegation visited some top universities in Russia, including the National Research University Higher School of Economics University (HSE) and Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI).

On the occasion, the Vietnamese delegation also held an exchange with Vietnamese students in Russia.

Source: VNA