Khoi shared several ideas to enhance cultural ties between the two nations, mentioning Shvydkoy's proposal for a reciprocal year for science and technology. He also mentioned plans to organize a Vietnamese cultural week in Russia's St. Petersburg and Moscow this July.

At the meeting

He expressed his desire for an increase in the number of Russian tourist arrivals to Vietnam, aiming for 600,000-1 million visitors annually. He advocated for Aeroflot, Russia’s national airline, to launch more direct flights to Hanoi and for Russia to offer visa exemptions to Vietnamese tourist groups to boost travel exchanges.

Furthermore, the ambassador stressed the importance of encouraging more Vietnamese students to study in Russia and hoped for Russia's support in facilitating visa arrangements for these students to enhance their education and research opportunities there.

Shvydkoy, for his part, acknowledged the deep-rooted historical relations that span generations between the two nations.

He concurred with and supported Khoi’s initiatives aimed at enhancing bilateral cultural cooperation.

Source: VNA