Trac, who is also standing deputy head of the Central Steering Committee for Prevention and Control of Corruption and Negative Phenomena and the Central Steering Committee for Judicial Reform, highlighted the growing partnership between the two nations, particularly since their relationship was elevated to a comprehensive strategic partnership in December 2022.

At the meeting

Vietnam highly values the RoK's Indo-Pacific Strategy, which identifies Vietnam as a key partner, he said, adding that Vietnam also attaches importance to collaboration in various areas, especially in economy, trade and investment, innovation, improvement of growth quality and national competitiveness. The RoK is now one of Vietnam's leading trade and investment partners, Trac added.

Stressing that the future of Vietnam - RoK ties relies heavily on the dynamic, creative and effective coordination between the two countries’ agencies, organizations, and individuals, he pointed to the existing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on anti-corruption cooperation between the Commission for Internal Affairs and the ACRC as a testament to their commitment to fighting corruption.

He expressed his confidence that the relationship between the two commissions would continue to develop productively, thus contributing to the overall comprehensive strategic partnership.

Jeong, for his part, described the people-to-people connection as a cornerstone of the strong diplomatic ties between the RoK and Vietnam.

The two commissions have fostered a strong foundation of mutual trust since they established their formal partnership through the MoU signed in 2010, now entering its 15th year, the official said.

He also expressed his optimism about even greater achievements in cooperation and experience exchange in the future, leading to a more effective fight against corruption and a strengthened relationship between the RoK and Vietnam.

Source: VNA