At a working session with the Chief Justice of Supreme People's Court of Cuba, Rubén Remigio Ferro, the Vietnamese deputy chief justice informed the host on the main reforms in the Vietnamese court system in the recent past, including enhancing the publicity of sentences, improving judicial service quality for the public and modernizing material conditions.  

He stressed that in its judicial reform strategy, the Vietnamese State aims to enhance the capacity of judges, build electronic courts and intensify international experience exchange.

At the working session between Deputy Chief Justice Nguyen Van Du and the Chief Justice of Supreme People's Court of Cuba, Rubén Remigio Ferro

The Cuban chief justice also shared the orientation for the modernization of the Cuban court system, and noted the similar points in the process of completing the judicial system in the two countries.

He paid attention to Vietnam’s experience in judicial reconciliation and suggested holding knowledge exchanges or thematic workshops on the issue.        

On the occasion, the Vietnamese delegation handed over some laptops as a gift from the Vietnam Supreme People’s Court to the Cuban counterpart. 

The International Meeting on Justice and Law, in its tenth edition, has established itself as a scientific-legal space of great prestige at the national and international level, in which presidents and magistrates of supreme courts of Justice, specialists, academics and professors from different latitudes participate.

Source: VNA