Welcoming the VWU guests, who paid an official visit to Cuba from April 19 to 23, Roberto Morales Ojeda, Politburo member and Secretary of Organization of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee, affirmed that women’s outstanding role in his country’s society today is one of the biggest achievements of the Cuban revolution.

Secretary of Organization of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee Roberto Morales Ojeda and President of the VWU Central Committee Ha Thi Nga

He also underlined women’s presence in and contributions to the Cuban Party, State, and administration agencies as well as many social aspects, especially in health care and scientific research with considerable dedication to the COVID-19 combat.

Ha Thi Nga, member of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee and President of the VWU Central Committee, informed her host about Vietnam’s latest achievements in improving women’s role in every aspect and the VWU’s position in promoting gender equality.

She also emphasized Vietnam’s consistent policy of supporting the Cuban Party and people’s protection of their sovereignty and right to self-determining their development path.

At another meeting with the Vietnamese delegation, Vice President of the National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba Ana María Mari Machado noted her country’s lawmaking efforts to enforce the 2019 Constitution and steps taken to legalize women’s rights and interests in this process.

Nga said the similarities of the two countries’ revolutionary women, along with the friendship and cooperation between their women’s unions, are meaningful contributions to the special ties between the Vietnamese and Cuban people.

The VWU delegation also met with President of the National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba Esteban Lazo Hernández.

At the events, the two sides reaffirmed the resolve to protect the legacy of their great leaders Ho Chi Minh and Fidel Castro Ruz, continue their countries’ path to socialism, and further intensify the traditional and close-knit relations in all areas.

During their trip, the VWU delegation had working sessions with leaders of the most important mass organizations of Cuba, including the Committee for the Defence of the Revolution, the Workers’ Central Union of Cuba, the Young Communist League, the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, and the Cuba - Vietnam Friendship Association.

They also laid wreaths at President Ho Chi Minh monument in Havana, visited the Fidel Castro Ruz center, some key biotechnological, cultural, and economic establishments, and attended a celebration of the 61st anniversary of the Giron victory (April 19, 1961).

Source: VNA