Man affirmed that Vietnam always considers Belgium an important partner in the European Union (E.U.), and stressed that the multifaceted cooperation between the two countries, including parliamentary relations, has been growing fruitfully.

Standing Vice Chairman of the National Assembly (N.A.) Tran Thanh Man (right) and André Flahaut, member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives, Minister of State, and former President of the Chamber of Representatives

The Vietnamese leader expressed his hope that Flahaut’s visit will contribute to consolidating the good relationship between the two nations and legislatures.

Man used this occasion to thank the Belgian Chamber of Representatives for its ratification of a resolution in support of Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin victims in Vietnam, to which Flahaut made significant contributions.

He suggested the two sides continue with their close coordination and called for more practical support from the Belgian side to Vietnam in finance, technology and personnel development in dioxin remediation.

The host and guest noted with pleasure the development of the legislative ties, within both bilateral and multilateral frameworks.

To enhance the multi-faceted collaboration and mutual political trust and understanding, Man suggested the two countries step up the exchange of delegations at all levels, especially the high level, and via all channels, including the parliamentary one.

At the same time, they should intensify coordination and mutual support at regional and international inter-parliamentary forums, he said, stressing that Vietnam stands ready to work as a bridge between Belgium and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as well as between the Belgian parliament and the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA).

Mentioning economic cooperation as a pillar of the bilateral ties, the Vietnamese legislator held that ample room remains for the two countries to strengthen the collaboration.

Man expressed his hope that the Belgian Chamber of Representatives will soon ratify the E.U.-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement (EVIPA) before the end of this tenure to maximize cooperation potential between the two countries in investment.

He also called on Belgium to urge the European Commission (E.C.) to soon lift its “yellow card” warning against Vietnamese seafood.

The N.A. Vice Chairman thanked the Belgian Government for its valuable support to Vietnam over the past years in the fields of clean water, waste treatment, institutional enhancement, agriculture and rural development, health care, and education, saying he hopes for more support and cooperation in these fields.

In reply, Flahaut told his host that the Belgian parliament has completed procedures related to the cooperation agreement between the two legislatures and will soon send it to the Vietnamese side.

Sharing Man’s views, he said the two legislatures should better perform their supervision function and strengthen their coordination in monitoring the implementation of cooperation mechanisms and agreements between the two governments as well as important collaboration projects between the two countries.

Source: VNA