Politburo member and Minister of Public Security Gen. To Lam (right) and Belarusian Minister of Emergencies Vadim Sinyavsky review the Guards-of-Honor of the Vietnamese people's public security force.

Welcoming the guests, Lam underscored that Vietnam always values its traditional friendship and cooperation with Belarus. In recent years, the countries’ collaboration in politics, economy, culture, society, defense, and security have been increasingly fortified, contributing to their stable and sustainable development, he said.

Praising Belarus's progress in socio-economic growth and political stability, the minister expressed his confidence in the Eastern European nation’s further development across all aspects.

Being well aware of unpredicted and severe damage caused by natural disasters and climate change, the Vietnamese Party and Government have issued many policies in natural disaster prevention and control, as well as intensified police’s participation in related search and rescue activities, Lam noted.

The official informed his guests that the Vietnamese people’s police force has therefore actively improved its capacity and learned from foreign partners, with its cooperation with the Belarusian ministry obtaining many important results.

At their talks, the two ministries agreed that immediately after their signing of a cooperation pact, they will build specific plans to implement it. The sides are set to enhance their exchange of delegations at all levels for cooperation and experience sharing on emergencies warning, prevention, and response; exchange experience in building a center for early warning of fire and natural disasters; and introduce, share, transfer technology, and link their production of modern firefighting and rescue means.

Source: VNA