President Vo Van Thuong spoke highly of Kyritsis and the WFTU’s active activities which steadfastly pursue the goals of advancing the working class and the lives of workers, supporting peace and social progress.

President Vo Van Thuong (right) and WFTU General Secretary Pambis Kyritsis

He expressed his delight that under the Party leadership and the State management, the VGCL has actively joined with the WFTU to achieve these goals.

Amid complicated and uncertain developments in the region and the world, he affirmed that Vietnam remains consistent with its goal of national independence coupled with socialism, striving to become a developed country with high income by 2045.

The President said since the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and the formation of the State, Vietnam has remained persistent in building a robust labour organization that represents the legitimate rights and interests of the working class and laborers.

Vietnam has made efforts to enact numerous policies aimed at developing a working class that is large in quantity, strong in quality, has political will and skills, and becomes an important core force to realize the goal of becoming a high-income developed country by 2045

Throughout this process, the Vietnamese Party and State support and create the most favorable conditions for the VGCL to actively join the WFTU, contributing to building a working class, protecting and improving the quality of workers’ lives, he said.

He expressed his wish that the WFTU will continue supporting and sharing experience with the VGCL in order to robustly develop together and successfully achieve the goals set by the WFTU.

Kyritsis, for his part, said the WFTU has always stood side by side with the Vietnamese people in their past struggle for independence and freedom and the current national construction and development.

He stressed that the values achieved by Vietnam and its people are also the goals and principles affirmed by the 18th WFTU Congress held in Rome, Italy in 2022. These include opposing colonialism, imperialism and struggling for development, progress, peace and social democracy.

Thanking Vietnam for its invaluable support to the trade union organization, he affirmed that the VGCL is always an important part of the WFTU.

Source: VNA