General Secretary of the Mexican Labor Party Alberto Ayana Gutiérrez

In an interview recently granted to the Vietnam News Agency (VNA)'s resident correspondent in Mexico, Gutiérrez said the Vietnamese revolution’s glorious victories over the past more than 90 years are the result of many factors, including the CPV’s political platforms, sound policies and guidelines based on creatively applying Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh's thought in Vietnam’s reality, inheriting and upholding traditional values, cultural quintessence of humanity and loyal solidarity under the CPV’s leadership.

According to the official, Vietnam is now not only known for its tradition of patriotism and fighting foreign invaders to regain its independence and freedom, but also its successes on the path of national construction and development, with increasingly improved role and position in the international arena.

Highlighting Vietnam’s achievements in developing a socialist-oriented market economy since its Doi moi (renewal) process began in 1986, Gutiérrez said the Southeast Asian country has made bold steps towards socialism with significant strides recorded in the cause of national industrialization, agriculture, infrastructure development and social policies.

On the path towards socialism with the goal of a powerful country, wealthy people, and a democratic, fair and civilized society, Vietnam needs to grasp opportunities at home and abroad to develop the nation, he suggested.

The leader also expressed his belief that Vietnam’s past achievements together with initiatives in real life and theory that the CPV has put forward will lay a solid foundation to ensure Vietnam’s new successes in the process of building socialism.

Source: VNA