The PT leader also spoke highly of the working attitude of the center’s doctors and staff who have worked closely with their Mexican colleagues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic for people’s health. He thanked the center’s leaders for maintaining effective cooperation with the PT over the past 20 years, expressing his hope for further expansion of the ties.

General Secretary of the Mexican Labor Party (PT) Alberto Anaya Gutierrez

The official extended greetings to Vietnam on the 75th anniversary of the August Revolution and the National Day, showing his admiration to the Communist Party of Vietnam and Vietnamese people for their success in national defense and construction, especially during the “doimoi” (renewal) cause.

He said that Vietnam’s success in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic shows the solidarity of the Party and people of Vietnam as well as the capacity of Vietnamese doctors.

On behalf of the working team of Vietnam’s Central Hospital of Acupuncture, Dr. Ho Quang Minh thanked the PT leaders for his attention to the center. He pledged to continue working hard in the spirit of the friendship between the two peoples.

Source: VNA