Higgins told a Vietnam News Agency's reporter in Canada that the strategy can also propel forward collaboration for peace and security among countries in the region.

Vietnam currently stands as Canada's top trading partner within ASEAN. (Photo for illustration)

Launched in November 2022, the ten-year strategy is expected to see Canada spending 2.5 billion CAD in the first five years on fufilling the goals of promoting peace, resilience and security, expanding trade-investment and supply chain resilience, investing in and connecting people, building a sustainable and green future, and consolidating partnerships.

According to Higgins, despite the multifaceted strategic objectives, the core focus lies in establishing human connections. In fact, it serves as a catalyst for the implementation of such Canadian initiatives as the “Trade Gateway” in Southeast Asia and the one aiming to transform Canada into an active partner in this region.

Also on the topic, TB Nguyen, Director of the Canada - ASEAN Business Council (CABC), noted that trade and investment with the region, particularly ASEAN, are a crucial part of the strategy.

Vietnam currently stands as Canada's top trading partner within ASEAN and has long been regarded as the gateway for Canadian businesses to enter this area. The two countries have recently concluded a dynamic year filled with a series of activities commemorating their 50th diplomatic anniversary.

Christopher MacLennan, a deputy minister at Global Affairs Canada, meanwhile, acknowledged Vietnam's significant role in the region, making it an extremely important destination for Canada. The two nations have a longstanding positive relationship, with Vietnam receiving developmental support across various sectors. However, Canada aims to further enhance and modernize the relationship across spheres from security and safety to climate change and trade.

Source: VNA