Speaking at the event, Minister Ha congratulating the Ambassador for successfully completing his term of office in Vietnam.

He thanked the Embassy of Finland and Ambassador Kahiluoto for their active support to Vietnam in the field of natural resources and environment, especially in circular economy promotion, solid waste management, air quality, clean water, and environmental sanitation.

The minister affirmed the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) always attaches importance to close cooperation with the Embassy of Finland in Vietnam, saying that the bilateral collaboration will become stronger.

Finnish Ambassador to Vietnam Kari Kahiluoto

Cooperation in the field of natural resources and environment will continue to develop and bring more concrete and better results, hoping that Ambassador Kahiluoto would continue to pay special attention to Vietnam.

Expressing his honor to receive the insignia, the Ambassador highly appreciated the close cooperation and support of the MONRE and Vietnamese partners in implementing and applying Finnish technology solutions in environmental protection, circular economy development and climate change adaptation for long-term sustainable development in Vietnam.

According to Ambassador Kahiluoto, environmental protection is always one of the top priorities in all development policies and activities. The fact that Vietnam is striving to become a high-income country by 2045 showed the determination of the Government of Vietnam to improve living standards and conditions for the entire population.

Finland is always proud to accompany Vietnam in the first essential areas such as clean water supply, environmental sanitation, and forest protection and management across the country, he said.

The Ambassador also said that Vietnam and Finland are working towards developing an efficient circular economy, saying both countries see themselves as reliable and complementary partners in circular economy initiatives.

During his tenure in Vietnam, Ambassador Kahiluoto has contributed to promoting cooperation activities to exchange Finnish models and experiences in circular economy development with Vietnam, transferring solid waste treatment technology, especially urban waste, from Finland to Vietnam.

He also has helped to foster cooperation and exchange in the field of air quality monitoring in big cities and actively support the development of environment law in Vietnam.

Source: VNA