Meeting ECP General Secretary Salah Adly, Ha expressed a wish to set up a regular information channel to discuss issues of shared concern, thus raising mutual understanding and support between the two parties.

Editor-in-Chief Assoc. Prof., Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Ha (R) and ECP General Secretary Salah Adly (Photo: Vietnam+)

In response, Adly said he hopes that ties between the two Parties and countries will continue growing.

He told his guest that Egypt is facing major issues, including inflation, economic downturn and unemployment. Via seminars, forums and social media, the ECP has expressed its wish that the Egyptian Government will take measures to support the poor.

The leader said the experience of communist parties worldwide, including the Communist Party of Vietnam, in fulfilling sustainable development goals and ensuring social equality, holds important reference value.

On the occasion, Ha introduced the Communist Review’s publications to the host and invited him and leaders of the ECP to share information with and write articles for the newspaper.

The Vietnamese delegation and leaders of the SPAP also exchanged views on socialist movements around the world, the socialism building process in Vietnam, and the current world political and security issues.

Source: VNA