Values of Buon Ma Thuot coffee brand

Dak Lak is called the “capital” of Vietnamese coffee. Currently, the province has the largest coffee area and output in Vietnam with about 210,000 hectares. The province's annual coffee output is estimated about 550,000 tons, accounting for more than 30% of the national output. Coffee has become one of the key export products and a significant budget revenue resource of the province.

Over the past years, implementing the project on promoting sustainable development of the coffee brand, Dak Lak province has focused on manufacturing products made from high-quality coffee, including specialty coffee, coffee with UTZ, 4C, Rainforest Alliance, and Fairtrade certifications, and organic coffee, to name but a few.

Checking the density of coffee flower

Up to now, the output of high-quality coffee reaches around 160,000 tons, accounting for 22.87% of the province's total annual coffee output. One of the province’s high-quality coffee products is Buon Ma Thuot coffee.

Reportedly, the geographical area corresponding to Buon Ma Thuot GI includes districts of Cu M’gar, Cu Kuin, Krong Pac, Krong Nang, Krong Ana, Ea H’leo, Buon Ho town and Buon Ma Thuot city. The stages and techniques of planting, caring, harvesting and processing green coffee and ground coffee must be in accordance with the standard TCVN 4193:2005. Moreover, the products’ ingredients come from the geographical area of Buon Ma Thuot GI.

Exploring the actual production, processing and consumption of Buon Ma Thuot coffee at  Coffee 15 One Member Limited Liability Company (Military Region 5), it can be seen that it is the only military enterprise manufacturing coffee according to Buon Ma Thuot GI and be evaluated by the Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Association to meet requirements of the production process and the quality of products.

According to Senior Colonel Pham Xuan Thanh, Director of Coffee 15 Company, so far, the whole 626.5 hectares of coffee in the unit’s geographical area have been grown in line with Buon Ma Thuot GI. Attentively, by strictly observing the regulations on manufacturing Buon Ma Thuot GI-met coffee, the unit has collected high-quality coffee, increased the productivity of coffee trees, as well as raised the quality of employees’ lives.

Developing Buon Ma Thuot city into “the coffee city of the world”

Dak Lak is encouraging and supporting enterprises and business households to use Buon Ma Thuot GI for roasted and ground coffee. There are now eight units granted the right to use GI for 218 tons of roasted coffee and 150 tons of ground coffee per year. These units are allowed to use the Buon Ma Thuot GI logo for their coffee products.

At present, the province, especially Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Association, has accelerated popularization activities and trade promotion to expand the market and register international protection for the trademark of “Buon Ma Thuot coffee.” Until now, Buon Ma Thuot coffee trademark has been approved in 32 countries. Therefore, Buon Ma Thuot GI coffee has affirmed the Vietnamese coffee brand on the world map.

In the coming time, with economic and commercial benefits, Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Association will focus on admitting more members who are farmers and groups of households to expand the coffee area under the Buon Ma Thuot GI. Meanwhile, the association will strengthen the management of the production and trading of certificated coffee, specialty coffee, and deep-processed coffee, contributing to the effective implementation of the province’s Sustainable Coffee Development Plan for 2020, with a vision to 2030 and the project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on development of Vietnamese specialty coffee in the 2021-2030 period, aiming to develop Buon Ma Thuot into “the coffee city of the world."

Translated by Quynh Oanh