Strict punishment will be given to violations and delays causing trouble for businesses and people.

These requirements are part of a recent document released by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, requesting ministries, sectors and localities to implement tasks and solutions to realize the Government’s “dual goals,” including preventing COVID-19 and ensuring socio-economic recovery, focusing on solving problems and supporting businesses facing difficulties, ensuring social security and people's lives.

The Government leader urged ministries and localities to solve problems hampering the disbursement of public investment, especially ODA, creating a driving force for economic growth and jobs following the directions of the Party, National Assembly, Government, and Prime Minister.

A section of the North-South highway in the Northern province of Ninh Binh

Each ministry, branch and locality should focus on reviewing the list of public investment projects, grasping the implementation of each project to take concrete measures to speed up the progress.

In the document sent to relevant sectors, PM Phuc said the world and region were facing unprecedented difficulties and challenges due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“All countries and our major partners have been heavily affected by the pandemic. Being a deeply integrated and open economy, many branches and fields of our economy are greatly impacted, especially in industry, trade, service and tourism,” he said in the document, adding the tasks set out from now to the end of 2020 and early 2021 are very challenging.

In order to achieve targets in 2020 and create a favorable premise for 2021, he required ministers and leaders of cities and provinces to solve difficulties and promote production and business in every area and every enterprise, facilitating and reducing costs for people and businesses.

He wanted the ministers and leaders to review mechanisms, policies and legal provisions, revising them if necessary. In case of exceeding authority, they shall promptly report to the Government or the Prime Minister for direction.

Leaders of ministries and localities have to provide specific solutions to help enterprises of all economic sectors, including State-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign direct investment (FDI) businesses, cooperatives and individual business households. They need to focus on enhancing investment projects and production and business development, paying attention to reviewing and creating favorable conditions in terms of land, credit, administrative procedures, human resources and related issues.

They also need to promote consumption, with special attention paid to the domestic market of nearly 100 million people and taking appropriate and effective measures to maintain and develop export markets.

Ministries and localities have to step up the application of information technology and develop e-commerce and new business models suitable to the situation and development requirements of each branch, field or locality.

Source: VNA